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Sherpa Multi Tool STMT340

Sherpa Multi Tool STMT340
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Sherpa Multi Tool STMT340

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1 Spark Plug BM6A -> NPBM6A
I10 Gearbox assy -> STMT340-20
A Complete engine -> STMT340-22
A20 / A42 / A45 / A59 / A63 Full engine Gasket kits -> STMT340-00
A42 Carb gasket kits -> STMT340-01
A69 Primer bubble -> STMT340-02
A4 Ignition coil -> STMT340-03
A41 Carburetor -> STMT340-04
A35 / A36 / A37 / A38 / A39 / A40 Air filter assy -> STMT340-05
A46 / A47 / A48 / A49 Fuel pipe assy with fuel filter -> STMT340-06
A46 / A47 / A48 / A49 / A50 / A51 Fuel tank assy -> STMT340-07
A50 Fuel Cap -> ST-CAP-2STR
A22 Start plate -> STMT340-08
A23 / A24 / A25 / A26 / A27 / A28 / A29 / A30 / A31 / A32 Start assy -> STMT340-09
G2 Far reaching saw cover -> STMT340-18
G5 Sprocket -> STMT340-17
G7 STMT340 Multi Tool Spare 10" Cahin Bar 1.5mm -> STMT340-16
G8 STMT340 Multi Tool Spare Chain 39link -> STMT340-15
G9 / G10 / G11 ChainTension assy -> STMT340-14
G14 Throttle switch assy -> STMT340-11
G15 Housing assy -> STMT340-10
G16 Titan aluminum quick connection -> STMT340-12
G17 Spare 1m extention Pole -> STMT340-23
G18 Spare Purner saw attachment -> STMT340-25
G19 Spare far Hedgecutter trimmer attachment -> STMT340-26
G20 Spare Grass trimmer attachment -> STMT340-24
G21 Guard assy -> STMT340-21
G22 Nylon head -> STMT-HEAD
G23 Metal Blade -> STMT-MB
G26 / G27 / G28 Far reaching saw fuel tank cap assy -> STMT340-13

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