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Robomow RM Series

A Note About Robomow Parts

PLEASE NOTE: This parts list contains many non- user-servicable items. Robomow customers should only puchase consumable items from this list (e.g. items for use where the robot does not need to be dismantled). Your Robomow Warranty may be invalidated if service is attempted by a persons not trained in Service Repair by Friendly Robotics.

Robomow RM200 / RM400 - Top

Robomow RM200 / RM400 - Top

(Click on part numbers below to see price and to order)

1 Bumper assembly -> SPP5005A
3 Bumper air inlet -> INJ5004A
4 Bumper door assembly -> SPP5003A
5 Operating Panel Assembly -> MSB5011A

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